Hi, nice to meet you :) I'm Pantufla and I'm a

Digital Product Designer

I’ve been designing products since 2012.

I worked for Agencies and Product-based companies
and now I’m working as a freelancer.

Based on Buenos Aires, Argentina
Local Time

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my real name
is not Pantufla

It's Magalí.

Pantufla is a username that was born at the internet forum times,
far away in 2007 and slowly it became a brand.
I named myself like that because is a word that makes me laugh because it is phonetics in Spanish. It means slippers, you know the shoes or flip-flops you use when you go to sleep or rest a bit at your place.

I still laugh internally when someone calls me Pantufla
I answer quickly.

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
I have a degree in Image and Sound Design, that's why I love to do Digital Products with a focus on motion interactions.

I’ve been designing products, 
mostly from scratch, since 2012

I worked with a lot of startups on their first moments, helping them by having a good UX and UI with the scale,
a clear mental model and great functionality on my mind.

As well as I worked on companies that they have already a Product working on the market and helping them to have a great update by the iteration with the customers.

I’m sure that you have
a project on your mind.

Want to work together?

Write to me at

If you want to, you can DM on Twitter ↗ 
or Dribbble ↗ too.

* Available only for freelance projects from October 2021